Martin Zvarík schreef:
> What's the point?
> If user puts in a search input something like <script>alert('I am super
> hacker');</script>
> And the website outputs:
> You are searching for: <script>....</script>
> then what? it shows an alert(), who cares?

replace the alert() with some code that passes the cookie to a hacker controlled
domain. now create a URL that includes the given javascript:

echo ''.urlencode('<script 
type="text/javascript">/*evil code here*/</script>');

send url to unsuspecting users of your site. anyone know clicks the URL
has just had their cookies hijacked.

still don't mind?

> I, as an owner of this website, don't mind AT ALL.
> Aha, forget to mention the XSS on MySQL or inside comments right? Isn't
> mysql_real_escape_string(), strip_tags() enough?
> Martin

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