On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 3:51 PM, Tanoor Dieng <newstan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello every body,
> I'm currently working on a very high traffic web sites.
> I often get a fatal error in production about memory "Allowed memory size
> of  ... exhausted".
> Unfortunately, I can not reproduce this fatal error in developpement
> environment.

 Understandable why you cant reproduce the error. It gets generated when
lots of queries has been done. Working on single environment is difficult to
generate that.

> The main reason for that  is that I don't know the php script which causes
> the error.

You can do loadtesting or unit testing on the php scripts.

> Php only tell me on which file, the error has appeared, but I don't know
> the
> orginal php script which were called.
> I've tried some hacks, like the register_shutdown_function one.
> This hack allows me to catch almost all fatal errors, except one which says
> "Allowed memory site of ..."
> Any idea about how to catch this error?

Would be a better idea to consult an experienced Web Application Architect
who would sense the weaknesses of the codes and would suggest the reworks to
make them optimized. Would be a hectic job for inexperienced developers.



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