Thank you for checking out this thread.

I'm working on some killer videos right now that will explain in detail how
you can protect your website against hackers. The first part of the video
series is live right now and it covers Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Go
ahead and check them out right now: www.aachen-method.com

This knowledge is essential in making your websites secure and once you have
a deep understanding of PHP security you can confidently charge higher rates
when you are programming for other people.

I have worked hard on making my videos easy to understand and if you watch
them in sequence you will have no problem keeping up, even if you are just
starting out with PHP programming. You can just copy and paste everything
right into your code, it's that simple! The only thing that you might have
to change is variable names so that it works with your code and that
shouldn't be a problem.
And I have inserted my e-mail address at the end of every video if you
happen to have a question, so please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll
try to get back to you as soon as I can.

There is no sales pitch anywhere on that website, not even ads! This is
because I've been programming PHP since 2001 and since the PHP community has
given me so much over the years I now want to give back by providing some
killer content. I realize that some people might regard this message as
spam, especially because I'm new to this forum. However please understand
that I'm just trying to show these videos to as many people as possible so
that we as a community can start to eliminate these vulnerabilities from
people's PHP code.


P.S.: Here's the link again: www.aachen-method.com
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