on 03/17/2009 05:34 PM Ashley Sheridan said the following:
>>> I have several forms on my site that use the same sequence of events:
>>> The first script displays and validates the form data, the second
>>> reformats and asks for confirmation or editing, and the third script
>>> sends the data in an email to the relevent people.
>>> Two of these forms work exactly as they're supposed to but the third
>>> sends duplicate emails to everyone.
>>> I have looked and looked and I've run diff and I can see no reason why
>>> this should be happening.
>>> Could someone suggest what I might have wrong?
>> Usually this happens when you have a To: header in the headers parameters.

> Another possibility is that the mail sending is triggered from a page
> that is called from a get request rather than post. Some browsers
> actually make more than one call when the page is get, thereby
> triggering the duplicate mail creation. I had a similar thing with a
> database update once before, it's a bugger to be rid of without
> switching to post.

I suspect that may happen with nervous users that double click form
submit buttons.

Usually I use this forms class that has a built-in feature to show a
form resubmit confirmation message when the use uses the submit function
more than once:


That feature can be seen in this page:



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