write a script that reads in each line of the file, uses split() to break
the line up at the tabs, and then inserts into the database.

$data_array = split([tab],$file);

$query = "insert into table values ($data_array[0], $data_array[1],...)

you'll have to look up the regular expression for tab and use it where i
wrote [tab] in the split() command

on 7/3/01 3:02 PM, Clif Wieden at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I have a project where the admin uploads a new data file and it needs to
> be loaded into a mysql database. What's the best way to do this? The
> data file is tab-delimted but could be reformatted.
> Right now the file is uploaded and after copy($new_file, $file_loc)
> would like to refresh the db.
> unix box running php4 and mysql 3.22 and of course apache
> Thanks in advance,
> clif

-- mike cullerton   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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