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> From: Paul M Foster


> You also need to be aware that on 32 bit Unix and Linux systems the
> behavior of mktime() on dates after Jan 18, 2038 is undefined. The 32
> bit counter overflows early on the 19th, so any value returned is
> invalid. This is not a problem on 64 bit systems.
> We ran into this recently because Support was defining "never expire" as
> Today plus 30 years. A couple of sites started reporting problems about
> two months ago.

This is why I normally never use the time functions in PHP. Instead, I
wrote a date class that uses Julian days internally and doesn't consult
PHP time functions. When I need some odd thing (like the date for the
end of the week), I just add it as a member to the date class. Plus,
PHP's date objects are woefully unfeatureful. If someone asks on the
list for a solution, I can use the PHP time functions for advising them,
but I don't personally use them.


Paul M. Foster

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