On Thu, 2009-03-19 at 11:48 -0400, Marc Christopher Hall wrote:
> Original message:
> I suggest you put in a support ticket with GoDaddy. The URL's are not
> genuine and beyond that I would hazard a guess that possibly your site login
> has been compromised. Again, contact GoDaddy or whomever your hosting
> provider is. (You said you domain is with GD but you didn't say they were
> the host; I am just assuming you meant host.)
> Added message:
> Anybody else get bounced by the list when replying to this thread? And how
> is it Pravinc's email didn't get bounced for the inclusion of links and the
> replies that included the message did?
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Are you using any software that you sourced from somewhere else, like a
shopping cart, or forum software? Just recently my friend was hacked
because of a flaw in some software that hadn't been patched with the
latest release. End result was that all the index pages for all the
sites on the server were replaced with a message from some idiot calling
themselves the eye hacker!


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