I was/am using the excellent tutorial over at 
http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/246/u...ons-on-iis-70/ to get PHP5.2.9 up 
and running on Server '08 and IIS7.

All was working well, got my site migrated across, code was working, 
data coming and going out of PostgreSQL in the back end, etc, etc...

So time to move another couple of sites to the install... and here is 
where I started to stumble - namely, IIS always 'calls' the PHP file in 
the first/original site's 'wwwroot' directory, even from other sites 
'based' in other directories!? (assuming there is a PHP file there with 
the *same* name...)

That is, if you go to a PHP page on ANY of the sites with, say, the name 
'test.php' the PHP page that is displayed is the 'test.php' site on the 
FIRST site created in the original 'wwwroot', not the 'test.php' in the 
different directory for that site!!??

ASP, HTM, etc files are working as you would expect, that is calling 
them from the 'correct' site

I am thinking that 'PHP via Fast CGI' is somehow erroneously defaulting 
to the always 'calling' the PHP files of the same name in 'wwwroot'??

I went back to the same (default) application pool rather than one for 
every site - as I saw that hinted it as an issue onlin - but with no 

Any advice or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, 'cause I am 

Note that I am a geologist who now does GIS, data management, web pages, 
etc for sharing scientific data... i.e., rather than a system admin; I 
am very happy to puzzle things out my self, but sometimes I of course 
get stuck like this due to my lack of specific knowledge! <smile>

Cheers: GREG... 

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