I've decided to turn on/set safe_mode, document_root
and open_basedir in apache's httpd.conf in order to
make the scripts a little more secure (some upload
files such as image) in a virtual host.

Everything worked fine except for a couple of scripts.
Those scripts (used for file upload) first move (with
move_uploaded_file from /tmp to a folder/directory
located under the document root of the site.

The user verifies that he really wants that image and
then (another script) moves to the definitive

Since the 2 part was not working I've changed to use
the copy function and it gave me a 
"..SAFE MODE Restriction in effect.  The script whose
uid is X is not allowed to access
owned by uid Y (the web server) in
/home/httpd/html/somewhere/script.php3 on line 34" 

How do I solve this ?  For now I've disabled

But I am considering setting it back on and change
(somehow) the default upload dir to a new one. Since
move_uploaded_file still works (even with safe_mode) I
assume I will work but another problem arises.
The name of the uploded file (which I do not control)
is something like phpUKXh6R so how to tell the browser
of the correct mime-type ?  I do have the original

Changing the uid of the scripts to the same of the web
server seems to bring aditional security problems.


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