revDAVE wrote:

I have phpmyadmin...

I'm basically looking for a quick way to import records and avoid hand-
typing many field names.... (I can set the field types later)

Is there a way to import into mySql with let's say a csv file - (or Tab
delimited file) and have the first row be the field names. Then might you be
able to import into a mysql database table (with / or without it's own
preexisting field names) and have the import auto-setup the field names from
the 1st row....?

BTW: let's assume the file has many fields and a small amount of records....
(no timeout issues)

I could use some help getting started with this....

parse the file with awk and create sql insert statements.

That's shell scripting and not php but it's what a lot of people do in that situation.

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