Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Daniel Brown wrote:
On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 20:06, Shawn McKenzie <> wrote:
How is best to update all of my code to use this new function?  Should I
just search and replace 'mysql_real_esacpe_string(' with
'clean_sql_term(' or does this replace all of my validations on inputs?
 And I see the if( !function_exists('clean_sql_term'), so obviously in
some PHP versions this function exists.  What versions?
    It's in the upcoming retrograde release: PHP 3.11 (For Workgroups).

Sweet!  Will that improve security?  What about right mouse button, will
it remove it?

Not sure about that, but I heard it should fix the bug with my new mouse and 
the center button tilt clicker thingy

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