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>  Are you looking for developers?
> What could I do for you?

    Check out the GSOC 2009 Wiki page at http://wiki.php.net/gsoc/2009
for some ideas of what's being considered this year.

> What do you think about a translation the last PHP's documentaion to
> Russian?

    Unfortunately Google's SOC policy denies eligibility to
documentation projects (including ours --- the nerve of them! ;-P),
but if you would like to join us as an official translator
nonetheless, we'd be happy to have you!  Feel free to send a message
to the Docs mailing list at php...@lists.php.net (subscribe by sending
a blank email to phpdoc-subscr...@lists.php.net), and - more
specifically - the Russian Translation Team's list at
phpdoc...@lists.php.net (subscribe:

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