Michael A. Peters wrote:
Michael A. Peters wrote:

Here's the problem -

$attributes = $node->attributes;

creates a list that has both regular attributes and namespaced attributes. But I don't know how to programatically tell them apart.


What would be really nice is if I could do


the same way I could do


That would easily allow me to solve the problem.

Is there a reason why that isn't part of the DOMAttr class?

I found a dirty fix - it works but isn't proper.

I think this is a bug in either

Either the first needs to provide a way to tell what is before the : when a : exists in an attribute name or the second needs to either provide it in DOMAttr->name or provide another way to access what (if anything) is before a semicolon.

At some point I'll get the guts to report it as a bug just to be told it isn't a bug with the standard response that says it isn't a bug and absolutely no explanation as to why.

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