On Tue,  3 Jul 2001 18:04, Stevenson, Christopher wrote:
> Hello, folks. I'm relatively new to this.
> Would anyone be willing to give me some code that will delete the first
> occurrence of a string from a text file?
> Thanks,
> Chris.

Hello Chris - when did you guys discover PHP!

Grab the file into an array with file(), loop through the array and do a 
ereg or substr to find the string, str_replace to replace the string 
(with a counter to ensure you only do the first occurrence) then fopen 
the file, reset the array  to the first element and loop throug the array 
writing each element back to the file. Code might look like this:

$string_to_find = 'whatever';
$file = 'filename.txt';  //assuming its in CWD
$data = file($file);  //$data is an array with the file contents
$changed = 0   // flag to indicate you've found a string to change
while (list($key , $curr_line) = each($data)) {
  if(changed != 0) {
   break;  //Already got first replacement - finish
  if (substr($string_to_find, 0)) {
    str_replace($string_to_find, '', $curr_line);
    $changed = 1;
//Now write data back to the file
$file_pointer = fopen($file,"w");  //Open file for writing
reset($data);  //Set array pointer to first element
/ And loop throgh array writing each element (line) back to file
while (list($key , $curr_line) = each($data)) {
  fwrite($file_pointer, $curr_line);
// Close the file nicely

That's just one way of doing it - I'm sure there will be other 
suggestions. And of course it depends on what's in the string you are 
trying to delete; you may have to ereg and ereg_replace.

This code is untested, of course - the usual disclaimers apply.

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