Davi Vidal wrote:
On 03/21/2009 10:19 AM, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
Hi all,

I am inserting more than 5000 rows into sql database but its taking more
than 30 mins  to get it all the data inserted. I use union to insert
multiple rows of 20 at a time.

What is the best way to make insert sql statement run faster

Usually a single transaction is faster than an insert a time (with or without union)

    What do you mean?


That's the right syntax. Are you using mysql? Are you using innodb tables? If you're using mysql but not innodb, then no point doing this since myisam is non-transactional.

What's the actual query you're running? You shouldn't need to use a union for a straight insert.

An insert-into-select query could use a union, but then how fast is the select statement by itself (without the insert) ?

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