bruce schreef:
> Hi...
> Working on a test app, and I need a web interface to test/view the
> underlying information. Looking for (hopefully) quick pointers/suggestions.
> I'm dealing with a number of cli web crawling apps that return data. I'm
> trying to find a quick app that I can modify the db schema, as well as some
> of the underlying logic to display my data.
> my returned data consists of:
>  university
>    school
>      dept
>       class
>        classname
>        classID
>        classdescription
>        classA
>        classB
>        faculty
> The above is a represenation of the levels of data. I'm looking to have
> multiple tbls, each of which links to the child tbl...
> I'm not a web dev, and i'm looking for some sort of web app that i might rip
> apart/modify so i can start to be able to view this data on a web app..
> i'm currently looking through sourceforge/freshmeat/etc...

if all you really want is just to view/hack the data at a very raw level,
try phpmyadmin (i'm assuming your using mysql)

> thanks...

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