tedd wrote:
> At 10:09 AM -0400 3/23/09, Jason Pruim wrote:
>> tedd wrote:
>>> Daniel Brown wrote:
>>>>     Sorry, all, I must have yelled.  Two days later and my words are
>>>> still echoing.  ;-P
>>> I'm sure everyone has experienced email being delivered oddly. What's
>>> the problem that causes an email to be sent one day and then a week.
>>> or so later, it's sent again?
>>> Even sometimes in my scripts, where I have an email notification, two
>>> identical email notifications will be sent often days between each --
>>> what causes that?
>>> Cheers,
>>> tedd
>> Well... As my Dad would say... "Someone wasn't holding their mouth
>> right"... :)
> That's a strange answer. Maybe I'm dense, but what does that have to do
> with email?
> Cheers,
> tedd

Nothing.  Jason's dad must be from the country, that's the same thing my
dad always said.  Doesn't matter what you're doing, driving a nail,
trying to get a screw in the right hole, (also sending an email I
assume)... if it's not working, you're not holding your mouth right.


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