I'm trying to use the openssl extension for PHP.  Having some problems
and trying to figure out if the problem is in openssl or PHP's wrapper
around it.

The problem happens when I call openssl_pkey_get_private().  The function
returns failure and openssl_error_string() returns
"error:0E06D06C:configuration file routines:NCONF_get_string:no value"

So, this is not a PHP error, per-se.  But I'm wondering if PHP is Doing
It Wrong, and thus causing this.

The docs claim that a valid openssl.cnf is required, and I have one, but
ktrace()ing the php script shows no attempt whatsoever to access the
openssl.cnf file, so my first instinct is that PHP is doing something

Some details
FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p4
which includes 0.9.8e
PHP php5-openssl-5.2.6_1 (installed from FreeBSD ports)

Some specific questions:
1) Does the above error indicate that the openssl.cnf is not being
2) Is there anything I can do to get more verbose debugging?
3) Anyone on-list familiar with PHP's implementation?

However, any helpful advice on this is appreciated!

Bill Moran

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