I noticed something peculiar and I can't find a solution for this. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out.

I'm using the dbase functions to read & write from dbf (foxpro) tables. The DBF tables usually have an Index which is contained in filename.cdx. It appears that anytime I Write to the dbf table, it deletes the Index. Is there any way around this?

Here's a simple code that I use for appending to a DBF table:

// open in read-write mode
$db = dbase_open("dbf/myfile.dbf", 2);
 // gets the old row
if ($db) {
          $record_numbers = dbase_numrecords($db);
                  for ($i = 1; $i <= $record_numbers; $i++) {
                         $row = dbase_get_record_with_names($db, $i);
                         if ($row['SECCODE'] == $_COOKIE['seccodeCookie']) {
                          // Update fields      
                          $row['f1'] = $_POST['name'];
                          $row['f2'] = $_POST['email'];         
                          //echo "Replacing Record number $i";
                          // Replace the record
                          $row = array_values($row);
                          dbase_replace_record($db, $row, $i) or die("Fatal 


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