thanks for your response kyle, I did not realize that.


kyle.smith wrote:
I'm not sure it will resolve your issue, but the closing ?> is not a
requirement and will eliminate any chance of you adding whitespace to
the end of your scripts:

<?php echo "I'm some script output!"

is a valid script.

Kyle Smith
Unix Systems Administrator
Inforonics, LLC
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From: Andres Gonzalez [] Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 11:29 AM
Subject: [PHP] newbe question


I want to learn PHP so I started using it for all of my general purpose
scripts. The general format of my scripts are like this:


.....bla bla bla  PHP code


When I run my scripts and I have an echo (or print) at the end of the
script to print out the results of the script, I get an extra line feed
printed out. It seems that I can use this:

echo " bla bla bla with no terminating line feed";

and I will not get a line feed. But when I use the echo at the end of
the script I get a terminating line feed. Is this correct or am I
misinterpreting this?

Does echo and print always terminate the string with a \n ?
The function manual does not seem to mention anything about this.



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