thanks for the info.

i'll leave 2-param uses of strtr in my code alone. i have a replacement for
the 3-param version.

btw: i have quite a long checklist of stuff to do when upgrading code for
utf-8, including notes on about 100 functions. do you think it would be
worth putting it on a wiki somewhere?

On 3/25/09 6:32 AM, "Nisse Engström" <> wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Mar 2009 08:15:35 -0400, Tom Worster wrote:
>> On 3/23/09 2:02 PM, "Tom Worster" <> wrote:
>>> i havea general replacement or workaround for every php function in my code
>>> that i know to be utf-8-unsafe. except one: strtr().
>> strtr() with three parameters is certainly unsafe. but my tests are showing
>> that it may be ok with two parameters if the strings in the second parameter
>> are well formed utf-8.
>> does anyone know more? can confirm or contradict?
> The two-argument version of strtr() should work fine
> since there are no collisions in utf-8 such that part
> of one character matches part of a different character.
> The question is whether the function is binary safe.
> The manual page doesn't say as far as I can tell.
> Google came up with the following:
> strtr() made binary safe in PHP3:
>   <>
> Two-argument version added in PHP4:
>   <>
> /Nisse

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