There is some week than I trying to solve a critical error on my VirtualCron

*First of all what is VirtualCron?:*
Virtual cron is script that`s call(http request) himself and doing the
"jobs" by the time(like a cron-jobs on linux, but this script build on php
and its make it independent by the Operation System and the access to the
server. [wordpress build something like that too]).

*How my system works?:*
I have a page(cron.php) and I set this settings:

 sleep(1); //setting the base time unit

I call to the script by socket connection with timout of 0.5s and with
non-blocking mode.

Additionaly I have a log system that save a file with the error when they
happend. andI can "kill" the script by deleting "pid" file.

*Well what`s happend?:*
The script works well when I tune a job to work more 5min from the running
But from some reason the script stop to run after some seconds.. and the
system`s log dosent show any php`s error.

BUT I found this error on my apache`s logs:
*[Wed Mar 25 10:25:19 2009] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: cron.php*

I hope thats someone know what I have to do..
Thanks a lot,
Almog Baku, Israel.

*** My script run on Shared DreamHost, with php5 & apache on linux ***

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