Hello my name is Rusu Ionut,  i'm from Romania and i was wondering if you
have the time to to explain to mea little situation that i encountered.
So i have a class:  *index *and inside this class i have declared a public
array containing some classes, inside the constructor of the class i extract
the array variables and call the include function to "include" the array
variable which is the reference of an php class file.
My Question to you is : how is this possible????
The php doesnt outputs any errors, and i was wondering if this style of
codying is making the server to work slower....

here is my code.....

class index
        public $fisiere=array


        public function __construct()
            foreach($this->fisiere as $key=>$value)
*echo "**error!";*
                  *  include url_dinamice.$value;*
$indexObj=new index();

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