PJ wrote:
> I have a series of pages to display that are all exactly the same,
> except for a couple of small changes like 1 number that needs to be
> changed for a mysql_query, the title of the page, and the page_name.php.
> I am wondering how these changes could be implemented when clicking on
> an href link? Is there some way to redirect the link to another page
> which would then $_GET['the_link'] and then pass the related info as
> $strings to another page (a sort-of master page) that would then display
> the results? I can visualize the solution, but is it possible? This
> would avoid repeating the same page some 30+ times.

Just use one page if you don't already have the 30 pages.  Something
like this maybe (needs lots of work, just an example):



switch ($_GET['page']) {
        case 'page1':
                $sql_num = 1;
                $page_title = 'Page 1';

        case 'page2':
                $sql_num = 2;
                $page_title = 'Page 2';

echo $page_title;
//do some sql query using $sql_num


Then the links on your page would be index.php?page=page1 etc...

If you have multiple pages, then in the switch set a $filename and then
after the switch include($filename).


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