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>> Ken Watkins wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> Newbie here.
>>> I have set up a blog site where my family creates posts and they get 
>>> emailed to members of the family. To keep up with their identities, I 
>>> created a script for each family member to run (dad.php, mom.php, etc.), 
>>> and it sets a cookie on each computer and uses sessions so I know who is 
>>> connecting. It works great unless I want to share a computer between two 
>>> users.
>>> I thought I had a solution: install both Firefox and IE on the same 
>>> computer and set two different cookies. But this doesn't seem to work. My 
>>> question is: Is it possible to set one cookie for IE and another for 
>>> Firefox so that, depending on which browser is used, I can tell who is 
>>> connecting to the blog? If this is not possible, is there another easy way 
>>> to do it?
>>> Thanks for your help.
>>> - Ken Watkins
>> Even if you don't need it secure, have a login.  Dad and mom can login
>> with dad or mom with no password if all you need to do is give them
>> their own cookie/session.
> Optionally, I just thought that if this was too much for them to
> do/remember, they could have their own bookmarks, like "Dad - Yoursite"
> ( and Mom - Yoursite
> ( and set the
> session/cookie or whatever you're doing based on $_GET['person'].
> I would still opt for the login though, even if not secure.

No, they use their own cookies so if you want to do it that way, use:
$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] and set the cookie based upon the browser.

Another thought I had was if you can add domain aliases, and, then they will each have
different cookies.


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