Jason Pruim wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> I do have a bit of a problem which has not been clearly explained in
>> the suggestions to my previous posts and that is the question of
>> hierarchies. I have not yet understood how to include a file anywhere in
>> a directory tree and have it point to the right file which may be in the
>> top directory or, most likely, in a /lib/ directory from the file that
>> is including.
>> Any suggestions, or should I just make myself small and
>> wait for the rotten eggs and spoiled tomatoes to come raining down on my
>> head? :'(
> Are you talking about having a file structure such as:
> /home
> /include
> /webroot
> /->images
> /->css
> /->java
> And you want to include a file from the include folder which is above
> the webroot, so doesn't have access to it?
> If that's the case... you just need to set the path such as:
> ini_set("include_path", "/home/include");
> then in your PHP file you should be able to: include("mysupperfile.php");
> and it should work :)
Not quite, but interesting option. This would be fine on my local
intranet, if needed; but I don't think this would be allowed on a
virtual hosted site.

Actually, my problem is to use a header.php (for example) in pages in
the webroot directory or any directory within (or under) webroot:

/ <---- webroot
   /more files

I have the header.php file in /lib .
If I put include dirname(_FILE_)."/lib/header.php"; in a file under
/site1, the header is displayed.
If I put the same include statement in a file under /site1/files, the
header is not displayed; if I change the include to
..."/../lib/header.php"; it then works.
I want to be able to point to the include to the same file in the same
directory without having to change the include directive.

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