If you want to use UTF-8 fonts with FPDF then switch to TCPDF 

Tony Marston

"Thodoris" <t...@kinetix.gr> wrote in message 
> Hello gang,
>    I know this is not an fpdf mailing list but if anyone has experience on 
> the matter please help. I am working on a pdf generation part of a project 
> and I am using fpdf to generate them.
>    The content of the pdf needs to be in greek. But I am having 
> difficulties to get the pdf generated properly. This means that I can't 
> see the greek in the pdf file that is generated. I have tried to set the 
> encoding to non-UTF since fpdf doesn't support UTF-8 but the problem still 
> remains. As a second solution I am trying to add new fonts with the 
> ISO-8859-7 encoding but it doesn't work as expected. The font is not being 
> although I am following the fpdf's directions step-by-step.
> Does anybody know another way to generate pdf files with greek properly or 
> can help me with the fpdf??
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Thodoris

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