I have :
 - Apache 1.3.x
 - PHP 4.0.5 (not a module, but a separate script)
 - the directive ErrorDocument is configurated :
    ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

My problem :
 - http://server/filenotpresent
    gives a 404 error, and open 404.html. It's OK.
 - http://server/filenotpresent.php4
    calls php before verifying if "filenotpresent.php4"
    exists. So, instead of opening /404.html, 
    we got an internal error because 
    "/usr/.../bin/php filenotpresent.php4" returns 
    no data.

My question :
Is there is a way :
 - to tell php to generate an HTML page containing a redirect
   to /404.html, if the given file doesn't exists
 - configure Apache to force it to check if the
   file exists before calling php ?
Thanks for your help.

PS : I sent this email to php-install yesterday, but I didn't have
     any answer.

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