PJ wrote:
I cannot find anything on google or the manuals/tutorials that gives
some kin of clear explanation of how to so nested selects with where or
I have three tables: books, authors and book-authors.
I need to retrieve only those books whose author's names begin with A.
I have tried several maniipulations of where and select with select
subqueries and I cannot get results from the queries.
For example
"SELECT * FROM book b, book_authors c (SELECT id FROM author WHERE
LEFT(author.last_name = $Auth )) as a WHERE a.id = c.authID && b.id =
c.bookID ....<snip>

Not really a php question :P

You don't need a subquery for this. You can join all of the tables together and just use the where clause to cut down your results, but I'll give an example of both.

select *
  books b inner join book_authors c on (b.id=c.bookId)
  inner join authors a on (a.id=c.authorId)
  left(a.last_name = 'A');


select *
  books b inner join book_authors c on (b.id=c.bookId)
  c.authorId in (
    select id from authors where left(last_name='A')

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