There's no need for third party software, windows has a scheduled task system.

Make a scheduled task and for the application select the php executable (Maybe C:\PHP\bin\php.exe, or some such.). Once the wizard is complete select the checkbox that says "Open the task when I click Finish". Now place the full path of your script after the executable in the field provided so it looks something like:

"C:\PHP\php.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\Kyle\My Documents\scripts\MyCronPHPScript.php"


*Kyle Smith*
UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator
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Jan G.B. wrote:
Or even with CRONw if "via window" is an indicator for the evil OS.
(I personally didn't test this software)

2009/4/2 Michel OLIVIER <>:
with a cron and wget?

2009/4/2 Andrew Williams <>:

Please how can you run a timed php script file via window scheduled task. or
how can u execute a php script on a a time interval for instance every

Best Wishes
Andrew Williams

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