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> It seems that our java applet is clearing our php session variables.
> I have an html form that saves user information as session variables. These
> session variables are used to create folders, where uploaded files can be
> saved. I've tested my php script that uses the session variables to create a
> folder and then moves uploaded files to that folder with a traditional html
> upload form.
> However, when I use a java applet in place of the traditional html form the
> php script does not create the folder, and thus it obviously cannot move the
> uploaded files.
> I've tested the applet and it does successfully upload files to the server.
> When I printed the session array variable after using the applet, I noticed
> the session array was empty. Does anyone know why this the applet clears the
> session variables? Or how to stop/work around it so I can use the applet and
> the php script?
> Thanks,
> Dan

Add the session hash to the page as a hidden field and revalidate
/regenerate the session when the page gets submitted?



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