I have bean trying to right a PHP script to generate XHTML code from the
class documentation xml files created by Doxygen(the HTML it outputs is
invalid, messy and virtually imposable to integrate into another web
page). One thing has bean causing problems, the tags which start with `@',
for example:

  SimpleXMLElement Object
    [...@attributes] => Array
            [kind] => function
            [id] => classhello_1f06929bd13d07b414a8be07c6db88074
            [prot] => private
            [static] => no
            [const] => no
            [explicit] => no
            [inline] => yes
            [virt] => non-virtual

I cannot seam to find a way to access these with simplexml, the following
code generates a syntax error for example.



Any advice would be gratily appreciated.

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