On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 12:57, Larry Garfield <la...@garfieldtech.com> wrote:
> I know PHP has a max-files-open limit somewhere.  Is that per process, per
> user, or per server?  Is this even something I can address myself in my app,
> or does it indicate that the server itself is getting over-busy and I have to
> just beg my web host for a less busy server?  Any other thoughts as to how to
> respond?

    Is your PHP suExec'd through Apache?

    Also, you (or, since you're on a shared server, your admin) should
check the output from `ulimit -a`.  Most likely, it's set too low
(perhaps to the default 256) and someone else on the server is opening
multiple files simultaneously, an influx in customers is collectively
exceeding the limit, or someone's not closing their file handles.

    In such a case, the admin should edit /etc/system and up the
limits on 'rlim_fd_cur' and 'rlim_fd_max.'  Just warn them to watch
what numbers they use, and not to go over 1024.  This is kernel
tuning, so once the changes have been made, the server needs to reboot
(power cycle, not an Apache reload) for them to take effect.

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