I've searched the web, the tutorials, etc. with no luck and have asked
on MySql list with no luck and have even posted here with no replies.
So, let's try again:

I am trying to limit the search for books to only those that start with
"A" (does not have to be case sensitive); but within that selection
there may be a second author whose name may start with any letter of the

So, the real problem is to find if there is a second author in the
selection of books and to display that name.
My query shows all the books that begin with A:

$SQL = "SELECT b.*, c.publisher, a.first_name, a.last_name
        FROM book AS b
        LEFT JOIN book_publisher as bp ON b.id = bp.bookID
        LEFT JOIN publishers AS c ON bp.publishers_id = c.id
        LEFT JOIN book_author AS ba ON b.id = ba.bookID
        LEFT JOIN author AS a ON ba.authID = a.id 
        WHERE LEFT(last_name, 1 ) = '$Auth' ";

Within the results there are some books that have 2 authors and now I have to 
find if
there is a second author in the results and then be able to echo the second 
So far, I have not been able to figure out how to go about that.
Do I need to do another query to find the second author or can it somehow be 
incorporated into the original query? Or can it be done with a UNION ?
Please help.


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