Keith Lawson wrote:
Hello, I'm trying to connect to and LDAP server using PHP over SSL. I compiled Openldap from source, installed it and then compiled PHP against that install. I have a tiny PHP script for testing that I have been calling from the command line (php scriptname). Before adding "TLS_REQCERT never" to ldap.conf that script was failing. After I set that setting in ldap.conf ldaps:// connections work from the command line but when I call the exact same code in a browser it fails.

(I assume ldap.conf refers to the config for openldap).

PHP doesn't know what ldap.conf is or what it does.

Are you sure you're connecting to the same ldap server? (Stupid question but worth checking).

If you could run apache in standalone mode (see for some info about that) you might be able to strace the process to see what's going on.

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