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> Terion Miller wrote:
>>    javascript is client side.
>>    php is server side.
>>    To use something client side in a server side script, the web page
>>    has to send it to the server from the client.
>>    The best way to do what you want to do is probably to do the work
>>    count server side, but if you really want to use what javascript
>>    produced you can create a hidden input with a specified id, and use
>>    dhtml via javascript to modify the input and insert the value into
>>    the value field of the hidden input. Then it will get sent to the
>>    server when the user hits the post button.
>>    However, since you should be validating any user input server side,
>>    you'll need to validate that the variable is accurate - might as
>>    well just do the count with php server side.
>> Thanks Michael I was kind of moving in the right direction as far as the
>> hidden input goes, going to have to google on how to do it with the dhtml
>> and all like you suggested.
> Look at the various DOM functions - IE for
> <input type="hidden" name="wordcount" id="hiddenStudd" value="">
> you coud do in your js:
> var myHidden = document.getElementById('hiddenStuff');
> myHidden.setAttribute('value',$yourvalue);

Thought I would go ahead and post a bit more on this, so here is my
wordcount little function on the textarea of the form:

    <textarea name="Comments" cols="55" rows="5" wrap="hard"
onKeyDown="wordCounter(this.form.Comments,this.form.remLen, 300);"
onKeyUp="wordCounter(this.form.Comments,this.form.remLen, 300);"><?php if
(isset($_SESSION['Comments'])) {echo $_SESSION['Comments'];}
?></textarea><br>Letters to the Editor are limited to 300 words or
less.<br>Words remaining: <input type=box readonly name=remLen size=3

So I was thinking I should be able to pass that again to the next page which
is the emailform.php page that is taking all the id= and printing them to an
email ....
should be able to reuse that function right?

<input type="hidden" id="words"  value="" onSubmit="return
wordCounter(this.form.Comments,this.form.remLen);" >

or do I need to define the variable? think I'm starting to confuse myself

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