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>> Subject: codeigniter 'secure, non-secure content' pop up message in IE7
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>> Hello Experts,
>> I badly need your help. My developed site's some pages are HTTPS, and
>> other parts are HTTP. When I try to access the HTTPS page in IE it
>> comes up with "secure & non-secure content " warning. I search on
>> google to find out the solution. but almost every site suggest to
>> change the IE setting. But, its not wish way to tell every visitor's
>> to changeĀ  the IE setting. So, I want to stop this message with some
>> coding. while searching, I found some advice to make all image to
>> HTTPS, for https pages, I followed that, but still i am getting this
>> same pop up warning. Is there any other way to solve my problem? Any
>> one can help me on it? Please do reply.
>> With Regards
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> Look at the generated source code and try to find any files that are
> included by absolute URL (search for http://) those have to be
> eliminated. Make sure everything uses relative paths or comes over
> SSL.

Yes. or absolute paths without protocoll and host. ;)

And also be on the lookout for blank src= attributes like in a iframe
<iframe src="" id="foo">
A bug in IE will show the mentioned popup when you have such code.
Solution: src="javascript:void(0)"


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