On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 11:01, Govinda <govinda.webdnat...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Quite frankly, I asked myself that same question earlier but I thought Dan
>> was in charge of such stuffs. He's been very quiet on a lot of things
>> lately. Hey guys, does anyone know where Dan's been? i'm guessing he's gone
>> on a short course or maybe AWOL.
> pretty sure he has answered this question a few times before.
> The gist was, (IIRC) - some can get through..  nothing to do about it.

    I'm still here.  This had been marked as SPAM over here, so I
never even saw it until now.

    And yes, whether we like it or not, SPAM will get through.
Because of the nature of the list, it would be difficult to develop a
pattern with today's AI technology to "learn" enough about the message
content to block SPAM on this (technical) list without blocking a good
portion of legitimate mail as well.  Even the obvious stuff is mostly
unfiltered --- we rely on each subscriber using a decent SPAM filter
on their side.

    I'd personally recommend setting up a dedicated Gmail account for
the lists, and then if you want it all in the same place, use their
IMAP/POP3/forwarding/etc. features.  In the history of email, the only
better SPAM blocking stuff has been a pair of scissors applied to the
power cord.


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