PJ wrote:
> I have a script with $_POST and <form> to load data with text input.
> Situation: enter name of author(s) for book. I have the script set up to
> enter first_name, last_name for Author1 and the same for Author 2.
> Check if entry 1 exists then proceed accordingly
> Check if entry 2 exists then proceed accordingly.
> Now, If I have three or more authors to enter, is there a way to add a
> radio button to add more rows for input or to skip further inputs, if I
> have to enter the inputs for each additional author?
> I'm looking for a simple way to do this. Could or should Ajax be
> involved in this somehow?

Ajax would be a good way to go if it could be an undetermined number of
authors.  But if you have a limit (like 3 or 4 or 5) then just include
the text fields for that number.

For Ajax you might have a button or link that says "add more authors"
and when clicked the javascript adds an additional input to the form.


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