Roadsend is very beta when I last checked and while promising seemed to be geared more towards taking php and moving it to the desktop without using gtk.

I could see the uses but I think adobe air fits that model better with less to worry about.

Personally, I am leaning more and more towards using php to build XSLTs and just passing the data via XML. It fits nicely with the mvc framework models and reduces the view code dramatically.

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This might be what you're looking for:

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Subject: [PHP] A Tool For Building PHP Web Apps

Here's a hairbrained idea I was kicking around. I object to the idea of
including 15 or 30 files in a PHP application just to display one page
on the internet. It makes the coding faster, but it makes the display
slower and seems silly to me.

So what if you had a tool or a set of tools where you could write code
snippets and such, and then hit a button or issue a command, and
everything you specified got written into a single file? You'd specify
that this page needs to read the config, set up a database connection,
validate these fields, etc. When you were done, it would write all this code to a *single* file, which the user would invoke by surfing to that
page. The resulting code would be *static*, not like what results from
most templating systems. So rather than specify a specific variable
value in the resulting file, it would embed the PHP code to display the
variable, etc.

What might be the liabilities of something like that? Would there be
security issues? Would there be increased difficulty in debugging? What
can you think of?


Paul M. Foster

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