foreach does a nice job if you want the results identical each time.
What can you use to change the formatting of the results dependent on
the number of results.
Here's an example:
foreach ( $authors[$bookID] AS $authorID => $authorData ) {
                # Display the
                echo "{$authorData['first_name']} 

will echo - Joe Boe John Blue Andy Candy etc depending on how many rows
we have.
What I want is: Joe Boe, John Blue, Andy Candy & Hans Stick ( separated
by commas, except for the last one which is separated with & .
I thought of passing a variable to the foreach and then using if
elseif... but that can't work because the variable is reset to 0 after
each pass.
Can't get switch to do it (maybe I don't understand it right.
Help ?

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