Michael A. Peters wrote:

With respect to templating systems, I don't use them but if you have a DOMDocument orientated template system, I don't see why it couldn't do the same thing -

As an experiment, I took one of my pages that was a little sluggish due to lots of database calls (sluggish on my home machine anyway) - since the database content rarely changes for the data presented, I made a page I can grab nightly in cron that spits out just the main content div where all the DB calls are made.

$cached = 'species_cache.php';
$SL = file_get_contents($cached);
$SDOM = new DOMDocument("1.0","UTF-8");
$elements = $SDOM->getElementsByTagName("div");
$imported_div = $elements->item(0);
$contentDiv = $myxhtml->importNode($imported_div,true);


is just a text file with a div and all it's children.

Sped up the page considerably on my home machine, and works spledidly regardless of whether or not I am sending it as html or xhtml.

So I think my technique would work with template systems.

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