I need to execute a command on my web host's machine. However they have safe
mode enabled.

PHP Version 4.0.3pl1 runs as a module on Apache.

>From php.ini
; Safe Mode
safe_mode               =       On
safe_mode_exec_dir      =       /etc/php4/execdir

Will a symlink located in safe_mode_exec_dir that points to the actual
program be enough, or should the actual program I want to run itself be
installed there? I need to confirm this before I make an admin request.

Any other ideas for running a program in safe mode? I only need to return
the results of a process execution. I don't need to write to it. As in
printing say the output of `ls -al`.

The return code of exec(), system() etc., is 126 with safe mode on. Is 126 a
PHP status code or is it returned by Linux? Where can I find a list of error
code to error code meaning mapping?


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