Hi Michael,

Your script works fine. The only problem I'm having is that it does not support 
html entities. 

The following code will cause the page to crash:


I think that's because you're using loadXML and not loadHTML.

Has anyone from the dev team contacted the libxml guys about the utf-8 issue 
with loadHTML()? 

Raymond Irving

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> Date: Monday, April 13, 2009, 5:56 AM
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > 
> > I wonder if the real utf8 problem people experience is
> really with loadHTML() and not with saveHTML() ??
> > 
> Go to http://www.clfsrpm.net/xss/dom_script_test.php
> The page was meant to test something else but enter some
> UTF-8 into the textarea (well formed xhtml) -
> With IE - html 4 is the only thing it will output but with
> FireFox and Opera, by default it outputs xhtml but you can
> check a box to force html.
> When it outputs html it uses saveHTML()
> When it outputs xhtml it uses saveXML()
> The source is linked there so you can see.
> Anyway - it looks saveHTML() works fine with UTF8 as long
> as loadXML() was used to load the data.
> I've tried both Hebrew and Polytonic Greek.
> It outputs correctly regardless of html or xhtml - but only
> after I changed the code to load the textarea as xml opposed
> to html.
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