Hi PJ, 

You may want to remove the "," before the <br>...That was a slight oversight
on my part....sorry.'bout that...I will leave you to do the fixing, but I am
sure you get the general idea.

Best wishes..Leon

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Hi PJ, 

Ok, If I understand correctly you can attempt to alter your code as per
following example (I am breaking it down a little for readability):

a) If you only wish to output the authors, see also Mark Kelly's example,
You can simply output as many authors you have associated (you will need an
associated array!!:

Or b) I include the following alternative example:

$string_out = "":
Foreach ($my_titles as $titles)
   Echo "Title: $titles By:<br>";
   Foreach($my_authors[$title] as $author)
      $string_out .= "$author, "; /* Building string */

   // Add <br>
   $string_out .= "<br>";

   // Here you would replace your last comma with the "&" you want
   // There are a few ways to do this (like Mark Kelly's), but will try 
   // another way (older, maybe less complicated?).
   $final_string = substr($string_out,0,strrpos($string_out,",") - 1);
   $final_string .= " & " . 
      substr($string_out,strrpos($string_out,",") + 1);

So all you need is to modal your data around this, and you should be fine. 
You could construct your arrays then as follows as an example:

$my_titles = array("title1","title2");
$my_authors["title1"] = array("a someone","a notherone");
$my_authors["title2"] = array("mr. a","mr. b");

and so forth...how you construct the data is then very important as you can
then later use it simplify your coding as you progress and as demonstrated

In future, where the need justifies it, you can construct your array to
already contain the needed string you want to output, it may help, but you
will sometimes have the same effort in constructing the data for the arrays,
so it is up to you to decide which approach is going to be best: e.g.
$my_titles = array("title1","title2");
$my_authors["title1"] = array("a someone, a notherone & Mr. X");

Then you can simply echo the array value:
echo "$my_authors["title1"] . "<br>";

Hope it is enough info for to work on for now!!

Have fun!

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Subject: Re: [PHP] what to use instead of foreach

Hi Leon,
Thanks for the suggestion; I'm quite new to all this, so it's a bit
complicated for my peanut brain.
I have already tried with several count and for schemes. None work
because foreach ignores any counters once in the loop. Also, this
foreach is nested within another foreach; don't know if that affects
I'll try to understand the second suggestion using for. I'll see what
comes up.
There are actually several conditions that have to be met:
1. if only 1 author = echo "author<br>"
2. if 2 authors = echo "author & author1<br>"
3. if more than 2 authors = echo "author, author1, author2 & author3<br>"
That's what makes it a "toughie"

Leon du Plessis wrote:
> You may try something basic like:
> $b = 1;
> foreach ($my_array as $a)
> {
> echo " $a ";
> //Send new line to browser
> if ($b++ == 3) { echo "<br>"; $b = 1; }
> }
> Or there are some different ways to approach this also like:
> for ($a =& current($my_array); $a; $a = next($my_array))
> {
> //Format 1
> echo " $a ";
> $a = next($my_array);
> //Format 2
> /* you may add checks here to see if $a contains data */
> echo " ~ $a ~ "; $a = next($my_array);
> //Format 3 + NEW LINE
> /* you may add checks here to see if $a contains data */
> echo " ~~ $a ~~<br> ";
> }
> This way you have some added control over the iteration through the array,
> and you can play around with when & how to display what.
> Regards.
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> Subject: [PHP] what to use instead of foreach
> foreach does not allow for different formatting for output...
> What could be used as a workaround?
> example:
> echo $some_result, "<br>"; // will print all results in 1 column
> echo $some_result, ","; // will print all results comma-separated in 1 row
> But how do you get result1, result2 & result3 // with <br> at end ?

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