I am sorry if I don't understand quite what you are after.

Answer A:
If you want a console connection to a server (e.g. engsan01 as below), then
you could use a TELNET URL which is still supported in various browsers.
This doesn't require PHP, but could be embedded in the HTML part. 

<a href="telnet://@engsan01/">engsan01:23</a><br>

I have my telnet client as just the windows default client which doesn't
support secure connections. If you have a better SSH-aware client then perhaps
<a href="telnet://@engsan01:22/">engsan01:22</a><br>

Answer B:
If you want to execute commands from a web form then you presumably want
to use the "system" function with commands read from form
Probably pretty insecure

Answer C:
If your client is on a local network and has X, then use system to run "xterm
-display clientip:0"
I think clientIP will be available on one of the $_ENV variables.


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>Subject: [PHP] linux console on the PHP
>Hi people. If you known any method for grant access to one user to the console
>of linux, using the php, can you tell me that please? I going to try explain
>me! I need one interface PHP, and the interface must show me one linux console
>and take me the control of this console.
>Excuse me, for my english, I speak little english.
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