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short_open_tag is not deprecated.

What if you want to use <? foreach ($x as $y): ?> in your template?
There is no point removing <? and not <?= at the same time, since a
large portion of code would be broken anyway (and NO, I am *not*
suggesting removing either!).

Use <% if you want a short tag.

To those who keep b*tching about this topic being brought up again,
please read Philip's post on the internals list -- the horse is far from


Arvids Godjuks wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I've been writing <?php echo get('something')?> for some time now at the
> last project and it really sucks. I understand reason on depricating
> short_open_tag and I agree. But I have a proposal witch can ease templating.
> Remove short open tag, but leave <?=get('blah')?>. Bacicaly PHP parser
> should look for <?php or <?=, single <? is not allowed. That way:
> 1). short_open_tag is gone for good as an option in .ini.
> 2). Making templates doesn't suck
> 3). Backwards compability with old templates is preserved (old templates
> with <?= work fine).
> 4). <? in code is broken as you want it to be and makes coders fix it with
> <?php
> Everyone is happy, XML and others are safe.
> Yes, it's really irritating to write <?php echo every time!

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