Hi all,

I've just started looking at the code of an e-commerce site we are taking
over the development of, that another company has previously developed .
Coupled with the difficulty of taking over development of someone else's
code (also poorly commented), I've been stumped by a fatal error on a
function call alt() which is dotted everywhere in the main templating script
(sample below):

// Get/Set a specific property of a page
function getPageProp($prop,$id="") { return
$this->PAGES[alt($id,$this->getPageID())][$prop]; }
function setPageProp($prop,$val,$id="") {
$this->PAGES[alt($id,$this->getPageID())][$prop]=$val; }

It looks to be defining properties for a list of pages, with each page
providing its own PageID. 

I've never seen this function before, nor can I find any definition of it in
the site code, I was wondering if anyone recognises this, is it from a
thirdparty templating tool at all?



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