2009/4/15 Don <d...@program-it.ca>:
> I have some code in my index.php file that check the user agent and
> redirects to a warning page if IE 6 or less is encountered.
> 1. I'm using a framework and so calls to all pages go through index.php
> 2. The code that checks for IE 6 or less and redirects is in index.php
> I know how to redirect the users but what I want to do is redirect a user
> ONLY the first time the web site is accessed regardless of what page they
> first access.  I would like to minimize overhead (no database).  Can this be
> done?

Why redirect? That sucks as a user experience. Why not simply put an
alert somewhere prominent on the page with the message you want to
convey? That way you can have it on every page and not interrupt the
users use of your site.



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