The ftpData function and in fact all the php stuff is running online on my
webserver. The pdf file is on my local machine, I'm trying to upload the
local pdf file to the server using ftp.


The dest variable I have tried with the full path:


And with just the DU1.pdf along with ftp_chdir.


The local file path is being passed through a html form and consists of


I've disabled my firewall to try that to no avail.




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On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 9:27 PM, James <> wrote:

> Hi, yeah ftp manually works just fine using the same login too.


> James


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> James wrote:

>> Hi, I'm trying to upload a pdf file from a local drive to the server

> a

>> php routine. I've done it server to server before with no issues but this

>> just keeps failing on me.


>> This is the function I'm calling, it connects and logs in just fine, but

> it

>> will not upload the file. The file I'm sending is just a 100k pdf file.


> If you do it manually does it work? Maybe the account is over quota.


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Just to be clear where are you running your ftpData function from?

Your local computer? Where is the PDF file coming from? I hope from

your local computer as well.


How does your Source and Dest variables look like? Full paths?

Have you tried your firewall? (Assuming both script and file is coming

from local and your firewall is on whitelist mode.)





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